For years, ergonomic risks have become serious issues for computer users. Traditionally, they are related largely to poor sitting posture and excessive uses of mice. But the arrival of touch-based laptops has resulted in new risks for users. They should be aware of new health hazards and minimize incidences of injury during risky situations.

Repeated motion injuries can affect users of touchscreen laptops, which are caused by recurrent movements of nerves, tendons, muscles and joints. Areas typically affected are muscles and joints around shoulder and elbow.

Users may have unnatural postures when using touchscreen laptops. Certain types of physiological disorders may occur people tilt their body toward the laptop to reach the display. Carpal tunnel syndrome often associated with usages of mice may also affect touchscreen laptop owners, as they typically reach certain spots on the screen with limited arms movements. Touchscreen can intensify eyestrain as the UI requires more interaction than standard non-touch UI. Fortunately, people are less likely to be worried radiation emitted by LED/LCD displays.

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