Google Delivers Update for Chrome OS

The Chrome OS is perfectly usable for desktop PCs, but in real world application; we are more likely to find the software platform on cloud-oriented laptops. Google has announced recently that it fixes issues related to security and video performance. The build 25.0.1364.173 fixes freezes discovered on video playbacks previously found on Acer C7 Chromebooks and the newer Chromebook Pixel.

It was also found that Chrome OS has problem running videos with DRM protection. Another fix is issued for a bug rated as “serious”, which causes GPU process overflow. Other than fixes for these two critical flaws, the update also deals with four medium-priority and five low-priority vulnerabilities.

Previously, there’s a speculation that the Chromebook will have some integration with the Android OS. While a total unification sounds a bit far-fetched, we could still expect support for Android apps, especially those for 10.1” tablets.

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