Digital Storm x17 Hands On

The Digital Storm x17 is the kind of laptop that can catch our attention from across the room. Its design looks conspicuous with the huge logo slapped on the lid. The basic model weighs 8.8 pounds and that’s quite light for a gaming laptop with 17.3” display.

Priced at $1777 (Approx. £1144), the Digital Storm x17 is equipped with Intel Core i7 3610QM processor, AMD Radeon HD 7970M GPU, DVD-RW optical drive, 750GB HDD, Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit and 16GB of RAM. Quick gaming tests show that the x17 is able to achieve 44fps with 1080p display resolution and highest detail settings.

Battery life and heat buildup are two major concerns with gaming laptops. The Digital Storm X17 should be hooked to the wall socket during gaming as it barely lasts for an hour when running on battery alone. The laptop is moderately warm when used to play latest games, reaching about 80 degrees Celcius after 15 minutes of use.

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