AMD Announces the Elite A-Series APUs

Previously, AMD launched the Richland APU officially, which delivers built-in support for precise gesture recognition and facial-based logins. As you may expect, the new chip family includes better graphics solution and faster computing capability.

Baked-in improved power management feature contributes to extended battery life for laptops running the chip. Top employees from the companies summed it up saying that the AMD A-Series chips combine immersive user experience, high performance, stunning graphics and longer battery life. If this true, AMD engineers have performed commendable job of enhancing performance without hurting the battery life. These chips are combined with the Radeon HD 8000 GPU.

A new feature called the AMD Screen Mirror allows wireless content sharing. It sends photos, videos, music webpages and HD media streams to DLNA receiver or any supported TVs. The AMD Steady Video feature helps users to stabilize shaky videos for better viewing.

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