With mobile devices, including tablets, are selling like hotcakes, sales of laptops have decreased in recent months. Apparently, MacBooks can’t escape the change in consumer trends. To improve the situation, Apple may need to produce a new model that allows its MacBook to catch fire once more.

The new MacBook Air slated for release in  could help the company in this regard. We could expect the new laptop to be available at approximately $1000 or £620. The current 11-inch and 13-inch MacBook models are available for $999 or £620 and $1099 or £675, respectively.

Obviously, because Apple has an image to uphold, it would never drop the price down to $900 or lower. According to new rumors, here are a few things we could expect from the new MacBook Air:

  1. Improved battery life: Consumers typically expect to get better battery life with new MacBook models. If the current model could achieve 13 hours of battery life, the upcoming laptop could better thanks to the more optimized OS X version.
  2. New I/O: Speed demons should be glad to know that Intel and Apple have worked together to bring the Thunderbolt 2. At 20Gbps, the new technology is approximately twice faster than its predecessor.
  3. Only one display size: Apple may decide to offer only a single display size: 12-inch. This would come at the expense of the 11-inch and 13-inch models.

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