MSI S20 Slider 20 Offers Haswell Processor and Excellent Slide-Out Keyboard

New standards are set each year and consumers in typically expect that high-end and mid-tier should be equipped with at least Windows 8.1 OS and Intel Haswell processor. On paper, the MSI S20 Slider 2 could look like a standard laptop model, but it is anything but a commonly-designed machine.

Convertible laptop/tablet hybrids are a dime a dozen these days, but the S20 Slider 2 isn’t one of them. It comes with comfortable and smooth slide-out keyboard that is usable in multiple positions and angles. Tipping the scales at about 1.16kg, the 11.6-inch laptop should also be quite easy to handle.

The Slider 20 is powered by the decent Intel Core i5 Haswell processor and 8GB of RAM. Clearly, from the performance level standpoint, the Slider 2 is no pushover either. Unfortunately, there’s one department that could disappoint users: Battery life.

The Full HD resolution on the 11.6-inch IPS panel does sound like a serious power hog. Intensive 3D tasks could leave the Slider 2 unusable after a few hours, unless there’s a wall socket nearby. Another thing consumers could complain about is the $1119 price tag, especially when we consider that MSI isn’t exactly a major household name in the market.

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