What Apple Needs To Learn From Chromebook Pixel?

Google introduced its high resolution touch-based laptop, the Chromebook Pixel, recently and the company said the device nicely blends laptop and tablet platforms. A top official, Sundar Pichai, even said that people will give up on using their MacBook Air laptops. While the Pixel looks like an attractive product, Google may eventual face problem selling it to loyal MacBook users. Many have expected that it won’t last long in the market.

But, despite its dubious concept, the Chromebook Pixel may still be able to teach Apple a thing or two. Google’s laptop is appealing for its 4G (LTE) connectivity and high resolution touchscreen display. Both features have made Apple’s MacBook feel somewhat outdated. With the release of Windows 8 OS, Google understands that touch-based display will eventually become a requirement in high-end category. Some may argue that Chromebook need an LTE connection due to its close integration with cloud-based service. But, a high-speed wireless data access is still a cool step toward attracting users to the online-based environment.

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