New UltrabooksUltrabooks are known for their elegant, lightweight and slim design that delivers full-scale performance without sacrificing battery life. These devices are more portable than standard laptops and can be used anywhere. Despite its small footprint, they have all the features you need, including SSD drive and USB 3.0 ports.

Apparently, some manufacturers are noticing the eventual convergence between tablets and notebooks. Some tablets models can transform into netbooks with their docks or integrated physical keyboard, and in turn, some ultrabooks models in will have touch capability. This would significantly close the gap between two computing devices and offer consumers significantly much more options.

Future release of touch-capable ultrabooks is announced during the Annual One Summit in New Delhi, India. Intel and Microsoft are currently working to develop an exceptional touch experience in Windows 8 environment. Intel has also worked with Nuance to create an immersive voice-based capability, which allows voice commands on PC and laptops.

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