Toshiba LaptopsIn recent months, the number of consumer products capable of delivering 4K technology is increasing quite rapidly and we have witnessed multiple manufacturers release their 4K TV sets. After introducing numerous 4K TV sets, Toshiba is now preparing to launch 4K-capable laptops in 2013, which delivers 4K outputs to users.. Toshiba hasn’t revealed specific details of its 4K laptops, but it is expected that the output will be delivered through a HDMI port.

Today, only dedicated mobile graphic cards are capable of providing steady 4K outputs, including AMD’s Radeon HD 79x0M series and Nvidia’s GTX 6x0M series. Unfortunately, it’s not certain whether the laptop will be fully capable of showing 4K content on its display or simply providing 4K output through its HDMI port. At 3840/4096×2160 pixels, 4K content is the next popular content resolution after 1080p. Toshiba is known for its attempts to incorporate latest technologies in its laptops.

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