Intel Is Preparing Processors for Highly Perceptive Ultrabooks

Intel UltrabooksAs computing devices grow more sophisticated they tend to incorporate human-like sense to better perceive users’ intentions. Intel is scheduled to introduce newer processor into ultrabooks, netbooks and laptops. Haswell-based processors are not only more secure, cooler, thinner, lighter and faster, they also open the door to a raft of new possibilities and opportunities, such as highly interactive applications and new mobile designs. One idea that chip maker is currently distributing is to make ultrabooks a very interactive platform with sophisticated senses that allow for natural interactions between users and computers.

To accelerate the implementation of this technology, Intel will release the Perceptual Computing Software Development Kit (beta) early next year. The idea behind this solution is incorporate human-like senses to Ultrabooks to make these devices more perceptive. The key to this technology is the screen-mounted “Creative Camera”, which incorporates 760p HD low-power image sensor, dual microphone configuration and 3D depth array. With the Creative camera, Intel is hoping that software developers will be able to come up with advanced implementation of applications to fully enhance user interactions.

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