AMD Kabini APUKabini would be AMD’s next APU (accelerated processing unit), which will be used to replace the current low-power platform Brazos 2.0. The new processor family will be delivered. These processors will be produced using an improved 28nm process and AMD says that it is making a good progress.

Based on the Jaguar microarchitecture, AMD Kabini APU will be consisted of four x86 cores, plus improved system architecture and heterogeneous processing as well as better graphics adapter. The new memory controller design may significantly simplify the design of ultrabooks and netbooks. To deliver significantly more performance over today’s Bobcat processor, AMD does the obvious: increase the amount of executed IPC (instructions per clock), add support for latest instructions, boost clock-speed and add more cores. In a bid to achieve lower power consumption, AMD also redesigns the entire processing unit and performs clock gating.

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