Laptops with Haswell ProcessorSome new laptops released in 2013 are expected to deliver twice the performance and battery life with the new Intel “Haswell” Core processor. The new processor family will succeed Intel’s current mainstream processor family, the Ivy Bridge. Haswell will deliver twice the battery live and double the performance of Ivy Bridge. When used in Ultrabooks, this could be equal to approximately 6 to 8 hours of battery life.

The processor giant shed some light on the processor last September at the Intel Developer Forum. It claimed that the power consumption has been reduced sharply to the point where Haswell processor can run in tablets. The most power-efficient model of Ivy Bridge draws 17 Watts, while low-power versions of Haswell processors will draw 10 Watts during idle.

More powerful 15 Watts and 17 Watts models are also available for standard laptops. Haswell tablets running Windows 8 could reach performance levels never achieved before in the mobile industry. The ultrabook market has stagnated following the slumping PC industry and the Haswell processor family can create a spark that everybody needs.

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