Ultrabook Sales in 2013HIS iSuppli recently predicated that ultrabooks will fail to heat up the computer market. It was previously believed that 22
millions ultrabooks will be sold in but based on recent developments; only 10.3 million units will be delivered. So far, ultrabooks have failed to create the kind of excitement and buzz among consumers, which can propel these sleek notebooks into the mainstream. This is particularly a problem amidst all the hypes surrounding smartphones and tablets.

Still, it won’t be all doom and gloom for manufacturers as ultrabooks can eventually move past unappealing price tags. Ultrabooks running Windows 8 is expected to sell at around $650 (Approx. £418) in and some will feature interesting capabilities, such as touch-based display. Based on current situation, it is believed that ultrabooks sold at around $1000 (Approx. £644) will continue to struggle next year. Intel has promised that the “next big thing” will come in and ultrabooks will be equipped with even faster processor, such as the Haswell, a 4th generation Core chip.

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