Toshiba Tecra R950-192 Review

The Toshiba Tecra R950-192 may not stand out too significantly compared to the competition, but the laptop clearly follows the principle of ergonomics well. There are four USB ports; with two of them supporting the high-speed USB 3.0 standard. The Sleep-and-Charge feature allows USB devices fully charged even when the laptop is switched off.

The chiclet-style keyboard scores with its dedicated numeric keypad, splash-proof design and backlight. The typing experience is consistent throughout. The 15.6”display uses anti-glare panel and there are two screen resolution options, 1366 x 768 and 1600 x 900. At maximum settings, the display is reasonably bright and blinding reflections are rare, except under direct sunlight.

The Intel Core i7 3540M processor has default clock rate of 3GHz and can reach 3.7GHz with the Turbo Boost feature. At 320GB, the Toshiba MK3261GSYG 7200rpm hard drive may not seem spacious enough, but it has an impressive transfer rate of about 90Mbps. There’s also a 256GB SSD for enhanced performance. The Toshiba Tecra R950-192 is not a gaming laptop, but its AMD Radeon HD 7570M is powerful enough for running newer games smoothly at medium detail setting.

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