Toshiba LaptopsToshiba Tecra R940 is an update to the earlier Tecra R840 and they seem to be identical in many ways. The R940 comes with a new Ivy Bridge processor, an extra USB 3.0 port and an optional dedicated graphics card. All the praises users lavish upon the R840 should still apply here, such as solid build quality, excellent keyboard, acceptable noise levels and reasonable temperatures.

Likewise, one obvious drawback also applies: tiny, underpowered speakers. There are two types of battery, a 66Wh 6-cell battery and 93Wh 9-cell battery. The top variant of Toshiba Tecra R940 comes with the Intel Core i7-3520M processor ad AMD Radeon 7570M, which is questionably beneficial for business users.

Likewise, the processor is only marginally faster than the much less expensive Core i5-3360M. Overall, the R940 still subscribes to the old philosophy of the Tecra lineup, a successful business netbook that favors practicality and productivity above all else.

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