Acer Aspire UltrabookAcer Aspire TimelineU M5-581TG is a mid-range laptop with dedicated graphics card capable of decent gaming. The nice aluminum chassis has a sleek, upscale look. At $1060 (Approx. £683), the machine is fairy priced and the overall good impression is cheated somewhat by the unimpressive display and inadequate fan control.

The laptop has lower battery life compared to the earlier M3-581TG, but the surface temperatures are lower and materials used are better. But it’s acceptable as the M3-581TG is cheaper and intended for those who consider gaming isn’t high on their priorities list,

It is rather common for ultrabooks to have limited connectivity options and even the VGA port is missing from the Acer Aspire TimelineU M5-581TG. Ports are awkwardly positioned, including all three USB ports, necessitating owners to turn the machine around when plugging in a peripheral. The keyboard has good feedback and travel, with generous distance between keys at 4mm.

Unfortunately; the space bar only registers when pressed in the center. The Intel Core i5-3317U dual-core processor has a clock rate between 1.7 and 2.6GHz thanks to the Turbo Boost 2.0. Users should be able to switch seamless between Intel HD Graphics 4000 and Nvidia GeForce GT640M.

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