Asus G75VW Review

Asus G75VWAsus G75VW is a direct enhancement of G75VW, which not only more energy efficient, but also cooler. The Nvidia GTX 670MX used by the notebook is a premium graphics card model, which offers a good balance between waste heat, performance and power consumption. The Intel Ivy Bridge Core i7 3630QM (2.4 – 3.4 GHz) should reap in enough praise among avid mobile gamers. The powerful hybrid hard drive should deliver another bonus point for the phone.

The machine is particularly convincing in terms of pure performance. The metal keyboard tray and rubberized lid convey significant impression in quality. The decent back lighting should allow good usability at night hours without significant issues.

The cooling construction is sufficiently potent, but it contributes to larger dimensions and more weight. The matte full-HD display delivers exceptional brightness, but contrast, black value and viewing angle aren’t worthy of references. This 4.2kg behemoth should make a top-notch impression among gamers, which encourages them to buy without hesitating.

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