Dell XPS 13 Review

Dell Laptop - Dell UltrabookWith the XPS 13, Dell offers something very well built, potent and stylish. The high-quality materials feel and look convincing; while the low weight offers great mobility. These favorable traits look even better with long battery runtimes at 6 hours. The low temperature and noise emission allow for more relaxed working situation during light use, but the machine does get very warm and loud when put under load. On battery power, the glare-type display is dimmed, resulting in poor viewing angles.

Like earlier models, the ultrabook is still made of aluminum and carbon fiber, offering great torsional stiffness, There are only two USB ports, one USB 2.0 and other USB 3.0, while the mini DisplayPort is usable for connecting to external monitors. The keyboard generally looks acceptable except for cramped arrow keys and smallish Enter key.

The two-level backlight would prove to be useful in darker environments. The Intel Core i7 3517U offers an excellent ratio between performance and energy usage, while the HD Graphics 4000 GPU delivers decent gaming capability for an ultrabook lacking dedicated graphics card, with Diablo III (2012) scoring 26 fps at ultra settings.

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