Toshiba Satellite W30t and W30Dt May Arrive to the UK Later This Year

With the IFA event is in full swing, various laptop makers are taking the opportunity to introduce new models. Toshiba has recently launched the Satellite W30t and W30Dt, with multi-touch display and detachable backlit keyboard to offer users much more versatile Windows 8.1 solutions. Both sport 13.3-inch IPS display, which support ten simultaneous touches.

The W30t and W30Dt are almost identical except for the type of processor used. The W30t comes with the more powerful Intel Core Haswell processor paired with the Intel HD Graphics 4200 IGP. The W30DT has a more efficient fanless design with AMD A4 APU and the integrate Radeon HD 8180.

Externally, the W30Dt differs only with the absence of a vent. With processors placed in the display unit, both devices can work like oversized tablets when the keyboard is detached. Both laptops should arrive in the UK and other European countries in Q4 , with the W30t priced at £632 and the W30Dt at £547.

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