Toshiba Satellite C850-1LX Review

Toshiba Satellite C850-1LX is a good laptop with 2-year warranty, very high contrast 15.6” HD display and good application performance. It offers moderate energy consumption and the case is typically cool during normal uses. There’s ample of available storage space thanks to the large capacity 750GB HDD.

However, like many notebooks, the Satellite C850-1LX comes with a few problems too. The keyboard seems to sag slightly while typing and the brightness level is adequate for prolonged outdoors use. Owners also need to make do without the increasingly important Gigabit Ethernet.

The combined noises of fan and hard drive are audible in quieter office settings and some users would agree that the chassis could be a bit more stable as well. The Intel Celeron 1000M dual-core chip is a member of theIvy Bridge family. There’s no dedicated graphics card and the integrated Intel HD Graphics performs slightly faster than the HD Graphics  on earlier low-cost SandyBridge models.

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