AMD: Hybrid Laptops Will Supersede Tablets

For decades desktops and laptops reigned in the consumer computing industry. All of a sudden, tablets came along and sent the whole PC market into a free-falling tailspin. Now there’s a speculation that tablet lifespan will be a short-lived one. Experts say that hybrid laptops would give those touchscreen slates a taste of the own medicines.

Senior employees from AMD said that tablets including Google Nexus and Apple iPad would be sidelined by those hybrid laptops in a couple of years or more. While tablets are useful, eventually users find that they are restricted in terms of computing capability. Much of serious productivity tasks can be performed only on PCs with full-fledged operating systems.

We should bear in mind that the hybrid platform are nothing new, Asus has brought the Android-based Transformer lineup for quite some time now. Unfortunately, they hardly rocked the computing world with their design. AMD reiterated that standalone tablets are already old school and the company believes that hybrid systems are the way forward.

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