We have been expecting manufacturers to give the Android treatment to their laptop models. Apparently, Hewlett-Packard is the first in winning the race with its SlateBook X2. With laptop/tablet hybrid design the SlateBook X2 comes with a detachable 10” display and it can function independently as a tablet. Included in the package are the keyboard dock and the tablet. A different model called SplitX2 has 13.3” detachable display that can also function as tablet and it runs Windows 8 OS.

The Android-powered SlateBook X2 will be available for $479.99 (Approx. £309) and theSplitX2 will be more expensive, since it starts at $799.99 (Approx. £514). Both hybrids will hit the shelves in theUnited Statesin a couple of months, but unfortunately, the company declined to comment on possible global availability.

HP believes that there will be growing interest in devices with hybrid design. Tablets are inappropriate for real producitivty tasks and hybrids potentially help users to save money and improve flexibility.


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