There are hundreds of laptop stands out there, but the Roost is something unique. There are a few things the stand can do, that others don’t. For starters, the Roost can raise a laptop higher than other stand. It can raise any laptop approximately at eye level for more comfortable usages.

Another thing that makes the Roost stands out above all else is its ability to fold into a much more compact shape. Even if the whole unit only weighs 5 ounces, it can support up to 200 pounds. The Roost is constructed using durable, flexible plastic, as well as carbon fiber.

The stand is designed by James Olander who suffered nerves damages after spending years hunching over laptops during his career. The doctor advised him to stop using laptop or he won’t be able to type anything again. Early adopters can pledge $65 (Approx. £41) on Kickstarter to fund the project and get a unit of the stand as a reward.

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