The New MacBook Air May Have Fluctuating Volume Problem

Apple has just launched the MacBook Air WiFi issue through the AirPort Utility update and already a new problem emerges among users. Owners of MacBook Air are reporting fluctuating volume when they use the laptops. Apple’s Support Community forum is filled with complaints from users saying that volume changes by itself when they watch videos.

It is said that the problem occurs on both Apple’s own and third party software, including Google Chrome and Quicktime. Most of the reports pertain to watching videos and it is not clear whether the problem extends to different areas of the operating system. No causes or triggers have been discovered, but some users say that they can use Boom and other 3rd party volume control software as a temporary fix.

Apple released a major refresh for its MacBook Air, which concentrates on improving battery life instead of performance level. Previously, it was discovered that two new MacBook Air models runs at far less than advertised speeds with its 802.11ac WiFi.

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