Lenovo Unveils New IdeaPad U and IdeaPad S Laptop Models

Lenovo has recently unveiled updates for its IdeaPad U laptop series. The IdeaPad U330 Touch (13 inch) and U430 Touch (14 inch) are two necessary updates, since both come with Intel’s new Core i7 quad-core Haswell processor. There are three screen resolutions available and both models have touchscreen panel. A variant of the U440 is equipped with Nvidia GeForce GT730M graphics.

The IdeaPad Y410p is a successor of the Y500 and it is also equipped with the energy-efficient Intel Core i7 Haswell processor. A couple of Nvidia GeForce GT750M GPUs paired in SLI configuration make the Y410p a decent gaming laptop. The dedicated 24GB SSD cache is used to improve the performance of the more traditional 1TB HDD.

The IdeaPad S210 Touch and S400 Touch are two entry-level models. Years ago, IdeaPad S laptops were equipped with cramped 10.1” displays and sluggish Atom processors, but they now have bigger 11.6” touchscreen display, reasonably faster Intel Core i3 processor and hybrid SSD/HDD storage.

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