Samsung heralds the Series 6 600B5C-S03 for its longevity and high rigidness. Its special magnesium alloy casing comes with high quality standards. It is believed that the laptop can actually defy an immense pressure of up to 500kg. But unfortunately, the base unit twists somewhat when pressed and pulled, while the lid wobbles noticeably when users lift the laptop.

The keyboard seems like a tight fit over the surface of the base unit and it offers quite stroke, well-defined pressure point and medium drop. Samsung enlarges frequently used keys including backspace, tab and space. The LED-illuminated display features TN technology and matte surface, which looks good when used outdoor.

The most expensive variant of Samsung Series 6 600B5C-S03 uses Intel Core i7 3520M processor, solid state drive, HD+ screen and Nvidia NVS 5200M. The GPU is only marginally better than the Intel HD Graphics 4000 integrated GPU, offering smooth gaming experience at only low or medium detail settings.

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