The MacBook Pro (Newest Version) is Now $200 Cheaper in Amazon

The new MacBook Air continues to impress us with its slim design, good battery life and decent performance level. But quite recently, Amazon cut the price of the latest MacBook Pro model to $999. (Approx. £580) The 13” MacBook Pro uses the earlier Intel Ivy Bridge 2.5Ghz Core i5 dual core processor, 50GB HDD, 4GB of RAM and Intel HD Graphics 4000 GPU.

As a comparison, the new 11” MacBook Air is also priced at $999, with Haswell 1.3Ghz Core i5 dual core processor, 128GB SSD, 4GB of RAM and Intel HD Graphics 5000 GPU.

This gives users the opportunity to juggle between different hardware configurations. So, users can trade improved battery life, more responsive storage and faster integrated graphics with faster processor, larger hard drive space and larger display. Consumers can also choose models with 750GB HDD and 15.4” display, but at higher prices. The MacBook Pro is also equipped with integrated HD FaceTime webcam and buttonless multi-touch trackpad for more intuitive scrolling.


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