It is no secret that the laptop industry is badly pummeled by new exciting tablets and smartphones. Also, the relative failure of Windows 8 has contributed to the global decline of laptop sales. It is a good thing that there is still a glimmer of hope in the PC market.

According to research firms, the affordable Chromebooks are growing steadily. In just eight months, Chrome OS-powered laptops have acquired up to 25 percent of the laptop market in the United States. In the PC market alone, the Chromebooks have claimed about 5 percent of share.

It is not the more expensive Chromebook Pixel that’s driving the growth, but instead low-end Chromebook models like the Acer C710-2856 ($199 or £128) and Samsung ARM models. While netbooks are largely abandoned by consumers, it is interesting to see that the sub-$300 (Approx. £193) laptop niche is growing.

Chromebooks support fewer software and games compared to Windows 7 netbooks, but they are highly optimized for Google’s online environment with integrated support for online search, Gmail, YouTube, Google+ and others.

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