Chromebooks Have The Highest Growth in the Laptop Market

It is no secret that the laptop industry is badly pummeled by new exciting tablets and smartphones. Also, the relative failure of Windows 8 has contributed to the global decline of laptop sales. It is a good thing that there is still a glimmer of hope in the PC market.

According to research firms, the affordable Chromebooks are growing steadily. In just eight months, Chrome OS-powered laptops have acquired up to 25 percent of the laptop market in the United States. In the PC market alone, the Chromebooks have claimed about 5 percent of share.

It is not the more expensive Chromebook Pixel that’s driving the growth, but instead low-end Chromebook models like the Acer C710-2856 ($199 or £128) and Samsung ARM models. While netbooks are largely abandoned by consumers, it is interesting to see that the sub-$300 (Approx. £193) laptop niche is growing.

Chromebooks support fewer software and games compared to Windows 7 netbooks, but they are highly optimized for Google’s online environment with integrated support for online search, Gmail, YouTube, Google+ and others.

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