Sub-$700 Touchscreen Windows 8 Laptops Begin to Enter the Market

With Windows 8 OS, many laptop users won’t be missing their mouse. Although laptops with touchscreen display didn’t come as a surprise when the Windows 8 was first released, the new OS still offers some nice gesture system. Users can swipe from the top down to minimize or close apps; and swipe near the bottom to expose useful commands and menus. The Metro interface was originally introduced on smartphones and it seems to be intuitive enough for use on laptops.

Many consumers still think that Windows 8 laptops are too rich for their blood. But fortunately, Consumer Reports has tested out a number of affordable Windows 8 laptops and they seem like good alternatives. They are not only cheap, but perform quite well too. At only $650 (Approx. £418), the Asus S56CA-DH51 is among the winners with its 15” touchscreen display, good ergonomics and excellent performance. The Acer M5-581T has a slightly bigger 15.6” touchscreen display, respectable battery life and slightly lower price tag of $600 (Approx. £386). Consumer Reports said that many more affordable (priced less than $700 or £451) touch-capable models will be coming into the market.

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