AMD Releases the Turbo Dock Technology for Hybrids and Ultraportable Laptops

AMD has recently unveiled its latest technology, the Turbo Dock for hybrids and ultraportable laptops, which optimizes battery utilization in mobile mode and prioritizes performance when they are docked. It is designed as an effective dynamic throttling platform that boosts processor and graphics performance by up to 40% when a hybrid laptop is docked. It is under the assumptions that users will perform more intensive data handling when the device is docked.

When the display is removed, the hybrid effectively works as a laptop and the built-in Turbo Dock functionality throttles everything back to improve battery life. It constantly adjusts the internal hardware based on requirements and availability of power. Meaning, users may not get the full potency of AMD’s APU for multimedia and gaming purposes, when the hybrid isn’t docked.

While the Turbo Dock technology doesn’t sound too innovative, it represents a more improved performance balancing solution compared to the one found on current laptops.

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