Sony Vaio SV-T1511M1E/S Review

The Sony Vaio SV-T1511M1E/S is a stylish 15” ultrabook that should give users solid impression in terms of ergonomics, quality, build and feel. People would appreciate to have a thin laptop on their working area and backlit keyboard in dim places. The laptop has excellent clickpad, which is compensated by the keyboard’s poor feedback. The display support touch-based operations, which is quite decent; although tablets would do the task better.

The Intel Core i5 3337U definitely earns a mention with its high performance level despite the use of thermal throttling. Unfortunately, the combination of 24GB SSD and 500GB won’t hold a candle to high performance SSD. To maintain reasonable battery life and heat level, Sony opts against dedicated GPU.

However, the Intel HD Graphics 4000 should be adequate for average ultrabook users. Gaming is obviously an insignificant topic for the Sony Vaio SV-T1511M1E/S. However, games like Diablo III and Starcraft II can run relatively smoothly in low detail settings.

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