Seagate Launches 3rd Generation SSHD for Laptops

Seagate Technology has recently decided to stop producing 7200rpm hard disk drives for laptops and apparently there’s a reason for that. The company has just launched the 3rd generation of SSHD (solid state hybrid drives) for laptops. At just 7mm thick, the storage unit can fit into any slim ultrabook. They combine the best of both worlds; with high storage capacity and balanced overall performance, all at relatively affordable prices.

The performance is about forty percent faster than typical 5400rpm hard drive and this could result in 30 percent real performance boost on a typical Windows PC environment. Available at 500 GB and 1TB options, users can get reasonably spacious storage capacity for typical usages, such as storing high definition videos and latest games.

Dell laptops will be among the first to take advantage of the new technology and more laptops with SSHDs will be available after the second half of.  There’s no information on retail pricing, but we can expect these new drives to cost slightly higher than current hybrid drives.

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