HP 655 One Of The Cheapest Windows 8 Laptops

The HP 6xx-series is consisted of basic business laptop models with 15.6” display. The HP 655 is the most affordable member of the lineup with very good battery life, low heat emission, low noise level, good keyboard layout and non-glare display. There are various OS, hard drive, RAM and processor combinations and the starting price is only at £352.

Compared to the earlier HP 62x series, the chassis rigidity has been reduced somewhat. The 15.6” display is pretty much unreadable when used under direct sunlight; while the viewing angles and contrast are also disappointing.

The 1.7GHz E2-1800 AMD APU is comparable in performance with current Intel Atom models, but AMD’s solution wins in terms of graphics solution. The processor is paired with 4GB of RAM for decent multitasking capability under Windows 8 environment. Other features include three USB port, 500GB of hard drive, webcam, full-sized keyboard, DVD writer, Bluetooth 4.0 and 6-cell battery.

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