The Lenovo B575e is a low-noise and low-power laptop, which is suitable for typing, web surfing and video playback. It should work well as long as not overtaxed, with demanding software and games. The Lenovo B575e comes with a very conservative design that’s made almost entirely of synthetic material.

The hinges are not too rigid, which allows users to open the display with one hand; but they are suitable enough for holding the display in position, when held upside down. Like any typical work laptop, the Lenovo B575e comes with a matte 15.6” HD display with typical viewing angles.

The AMD E2-1800 is relatively weak compared to the Sandy Bridge processors, but it can easily outwit latest Intel Atom processors in terms of computing power and 3D graphics rendering. The chip runs on 1.7GHz and there’s no turbo. The main storage unit is the 500GB Western Digital Scorpio Blue, which is known for mediocre read and write performance. The integrated Radeon HD 7340 GPU is weaker than the Intel Graphics 3000 GPU found on many Core i3 models; however games like Anno 2070 can reach 30fps in low detail settings.

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