Some Laptops in Facebook Headquarter Were Attacked by a Java-based Exploit

Laptops in FacebookFacebook revealed recently that some employee laptops had been compromised in January. However, the Facebook security team assured us that the intrusion was detected immediately and it has been dealt effectively.

This occurred when a number of employees accessed a compromised mobile developer website. A Java-based exploit hosted in the website opened a way for malware to infect the laptops. This happened even when these machines were running anti-virus software with latest definition and had their operating system fully patched.

The company took an active step by isolating the attacker’s server and identifying traffic that comes into it. The team found that the traffic came from some legitimate companies and they have been notified about the issue. The case had been turned over to the law enforcement agency and there’s still an ongoing investigation process.

Evaluations show that user data remain secure and were never accessed. The Java-based exploit has been chronicled for about a month and it has prompted Twitter to reset the passwords of over a quarter million of its users.

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