Windows 8 Hybrids - Ultrabooks - Apple iPadFor years, the mood in the market seems to significantly favor tablets, especially the Apple iPad. Demands for these portable devices are so huge that the effect is felt not only on laptop sales, but also on desktops. Consequently, traditional laptop makers like Acer and Asus have responded by releasing their own tablet models. The release of touch-optimized windows RT/8 offers a new opportunity for laptop makers.

Microsoft’s new software platform offers significantly enhanced versatility compared to Android and iOS. These mobile platforms are never meant to behave and work like full-fledged operating system for PCs. Windows 8 is hardly revolutionary for most Windows 7 users but it offers something adaptive and flexible for the mobile industry to innovate on.

On the other hand, many iOS users already find that can’t rely entirely on the iPad for daily computing tasks. In fact, latest iPad models seem lack new innovations.

All future ultrathin Hasswell-powered ultrabooks will have pivotable touchscreen display and they will represent direct challenge to the Apple iPad. The fluid touch-optimized interface of Windows 8 along with its full support for standard windows PC software would be particularly appealing for business people and home users alike.

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