When we think of business laptops, we would associate them with a keyboard that allows many hours of comfortable typing, solid security solutions and well-positioned connections. Quite unfortunately, the Schenker Xirios B502 fails to offer all of them. Nevertheless, the laptop has viewing angle stability, brightness and contrast worthy of praise.

Users would also appreciate the laptop for its multitude of core hardware components, except for the absence of discrete graphics card due to the absence of space. Consequently, any demanding work requiring significant graphics can’t easily be achieved. The laptop is powered by the fast Intel Core i7 3632QM quad-core processor clocked between 2.2GHz and 2.9GHz.

There are various storage options from 320GB to 1TB HDD or from 64GB to 512GB SSD. Unfortunately, the Intel HD Graphics 4000 GPU puts the brake on the overall system performance. Still, the graphics solution is among the highest compared to other integrated Ivy Bridge GPU solutions.

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