Apple May Unveil a New Retina MacBook Pro Model in WWDC

After the Computex  ends, the laptop industry will be getting new updates from the Apple WWDC. The company may be planning to announce new MacBook models, equipped with Intel’s 4th generation Core processors, the Haswell. These new chips seem like natural addition to future MacBook laptops with its low energy consumption, high performance level and much faster integrated graphics solution.

The current Retina-capable MacBook Pro is often billed as the best MacBook ever and the Haswell will bring it one step higher. This particular Macbook lineup is the designed for true professionals, especially those who regularly perform graphics, photo and video editing.

The MacBook Pro is an efficient and powerful beast, so consumers will expect to get something incrementally better. The standard MacBook Pro is equipped with 1440 x 900 resolution display, which is adequate for most purposes, while the Retina-capable model uses 2880 x 1800 resolution display can deliver eye popping graphics to users.

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