Since its appearance, smartphones are typically considered as a threat to laptops, due to its light computing capability. People no longer need laptops to check email and perform web browsing.

A new device called Casetop can turn an iPhone into a laptop, which is quite useful in some situations. The project is developed by John Andrus and he seeking a few hundreds thousands dollars through crowdsourcing. After being mass produced, the Casetop should be available for user, at about $300 (Approx. £193) each. However, some people may argue that it will be better to purchase a cheap, compact sub-notebook, which is now already available at that price.

The Casetop will be up to 20 percent smaller than a MacBook and users would also appreciate the “front bar”, full-sized keyboard and 11.1” high-definition display. The 78-key keyboard should make it easier for users to type longer emails or text messages. Its built-in 56Wh battery improves the already impressive operational time.

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