Samsung Series 5 530U4E-S02DE Ultrabook

The Samsung Series 5 530U4E-S02DE looks like a well-conceived ultrabook model that’s able to stand out quite well from its predecessor. At first glance, the design looks quite pleasant with impressive surface stiffness and build quality.

While, they could be more extensive, the connectivity options should be acceptable for people with standard computing requirements. Other plus points are nice stereo speakers, convincing communication features, modern input devices and good memory expandability.

The Samsung Series 5 530U4E-S02DE also does a lot of things right by offering the matte 14” display. The Intel Core i5 3337U dual-core processor is paired with the AMD Radeon HD 8750M, which ensures decent gaming fun. The laptop could also maintain 11 hours of battery life with minimum load.

Unfortunately, there is only one USB 3.0 port. Also, the sensitive plastic hooks limits expandability and maintainability somewhat. Also, the TN panel causes poor vertical viewing angles.

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