Windows 8 Laptops Are Losing Market Values Faster Than Windows 7 Models

While it’s not considered as a disaster like the Windows Vista, the Windows 8 isn’t received too warmly by PC users. Poor sales of Windows 8 laptops have caused some massive price cuts. It is now possible to spend $300 (Approx. £193) and get a laptop featuring 15” display, Intel Ivy Bridge CPU, 750GB HDD and 6GB of RAM.

Many Windows 8 laptops are now cheaper than their Windows 7 equivalents. Ten months after their release date, Windows 8 laptops are 46 percent cheaper. As a comparison, 10-month old Windows 7 laptops only lose about 34 percent of their original value.

Shoppers know that like the Windows XP, Windows 7 also works marvelously for any computing task and some of them are deliberately avoiding laptops running Windows 8 OS. This is the reason why we see such drastic discounts of sufficiently powerful Ivy Bridge models with Windows 8 OS.

We have been hearing about the Windows Blue, which could be a massive upgrade package for Windows 8 PCs. It is not known whether the update will reverse the declining interest on Microsoft newest Windows OS version.

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