Apple’s Patent Hints a New MacBook Pro Design

Apple has filed a patent that involves a MacBook Pro model with hybrid design. It is said that the hybrid machine offers removable display with built-in wireless display capability. The description of the patent reveals that the new MacBook Pro design is consisted of a base and selectively removable display.

The base has a battery, wireless capability and processor. The removable display also a wireless chip. The base unit sends data to the removable display wirelessly, allowing users to place the detached display in more convenient places. Data is not the only thing the base unit sends to the display, it can also transmit power using the wireless charging technology.

There are many laptops with removable displays, but not one of them is able to transfer data and power simultaneously. It is not mentioned whether the display is touch-capable, but Apple is notorious for its insistence against using touchscreen panel on its MacBook laptops.

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