Samsung has unveiled a laptop-tablet hybrid, the ATIV Q, which offers a high resolution display, at 3200 x 1800 pixels. It runs both Android and Windows 8, depending on which mode users choose. The company is better known for its aggressive expansion of Android devices, but it still offers support for Windows 8 OS.

The 13.3” display can be used as a standard laptop with fold-out keyboard and it can flip 180-degrees and turns to a tablet. The tablet can be used comfortably in sunshine and transition between Android and Windows 8 OS is smooth. Users can change a button to switch the operating system and it doesn’t require a reboot.

The ability to pin Android apps to the Windows 8 homescreen is also convenient. Inside there’s a 128GB SSD and Intel Core i5 processor. Measuring at 13.9mm thick and weighing 1.29 kg, the ATIV Q feels and looks bulky for a tablet, but good enough for a laptop.

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