Laptops Are Causing Health Problems in the United Kingdom

There’s a rising trend among Brits to use laptops for daily work activity and this isn’t without some consequences. People tend to look straight ahead when they use desktops, but laptops are typically positioned lower and this could be the cause of an illness, unofficially called HOLS (Hunched Over Laptop Syndrome).

Fellowes, an office equipment provider in the United Kingdom, surveyed one thousand users and 79 percent said that have HOLS-like health problems, due to excessive usages of laptops. Complaints typically include joint and back injuries.

25 percent said their current condition worsens when using laptops and 65 percent admitted that they need to take some medication to treat the problem. Worryingly, 5 percent needed to quit their job due to HOLS. Also, ten percent said that they have constant pain. The age group most likely to be affected by HOLS is between 18 and 24 years old.

Laptops and other mobile devices are intended to make our life easier, but when used improperly they could make things more difficult for us.

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