Icaro Innovations Launches the DefenderPad Radiation and Heat Shield for Laptops

It is widely accepted that today’s laptops are very safe to use, since they undergo a series of tests and measurements to determine the amount of radiation emission and heat dissipation. But there are still some paranoid users out there who need some extra assurances. The Icaro Innovations recently released the DefenderPad, a radiation and heat shield for laptop users.

It is said that the DefenderPad is capable of blocking nearly one hundred percent of potential harmful EMR or electromagnetic Radiation, while greatly reducing the heat emission. Compared to similar products in the market, the DefenderPad features a softer surface and improved thermal resistance.

There are also a number of color choices to choose from. The company also said that a number of prominent medical professionals have expressed the need to limit our exposure to radiation and heat emitted by laptops. The recommended retail price for DefenderPad is $99.99 (Approx. £64) per unit and it already receives the FCC certification.

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