Toshiba Introduces the Qosmio X75 Gaming Laptop

Toshiba has recently refreshed its back-to-school products by upgrading six laptop lines, including the gaming laptops family, Qosmio. Toshiba adds improved design styles across the board, plus improved performance and better hardware specs.

The Qosmio X75 is Toshiba’s newest gaming behemoth with new processors, upgraded speakers and full HD display. It also has the distinctive “Skyline” design style. The laptop gets a serious boost in performance level courtesy of Haswell, Intel’s 4th generation processor lineup.

For $1,549 (Approx. £997), users can get more than decent gaming capability thanks to the new Nvidia Geforce GTX 770M graphics. Users can add up to 32GB of RAM and up to 1.25TB of various storage options. Overall, the Qosmio X75 brings us a noticeably more refined chassis design that earlier Qosmio models. As an example, Toshiba chooses a simple mesh grills and does away with Qosmio X875’s divisive speaker covers. Additionally, the brushed-aluminum chassis offers nice red chrome accents.

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