Presence of Chromebooks in CES 2014 May Feel A Bit Incomplete

Toshiba unveiled its new Chromebook model at CES and Dell also announced its models just a few weeks before the event began. So, clearly Chromebooks have a good presence in the event. Many consumers have considered the platform as a viable computing option, especially for those who use online service often. Students are potential users of Chromebook models and they are gaining some ground in the education sector. Dell also already jumped on the education-field bandwagon too and it introduces the “classroom in the cloud” concept.

Education is likely a strong toehold for Chromebook manufacturers and if these models are well accepted in the niche, other markets are likely within reach too. Many organizations have recognized that Chromebook models are already making inroads, with Asian major manufacturers, like Samsung and Lenovo achieved convincing double-digit growths.

Some journalists argue that they find too few Chromebook models in CES  event, but we could still expect to see a widespread acceptance of Chromebook models in emerging markets. The annual CES event is a showcase for multiple products released in the future devices. Many will be released within weeks, but others are simply concepts that could be implemented on new models in coming years. It should be noted that Google isn’t typically considered as one of the major exhibitors in this event; so that could be the reason why we don’t see new developments on Chromebook platform unveiled in CES.

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