MSI Will Release a Lightweight and Slim 15.6-inch Gaming Laptop

Last year, MSI released the GS70 Stealth with its 17-inch display and priced at $1699, the laptop undercut the Razer Blade Pro. Now, the company is seeking to outdo itself with a new 15.6-inch laptop model that looks like a smaller version of the GS70.

MSI is still mum on the laptop’s detail, but the laptop should be at least equally powerful than the GS70 Stealth. A quick look at the machine should give us a good idea where the design inspiration may come from. Like the GS70, the 15.6-inch laptop is also equipped with a glossy power button, singular hinges and brushed aluminum finish. But there are a number of differences.

As an example, the matte plastic keys are now more level with users’ fingers, because the recess on the keyboard is extended out to the palm rest. Also, for aesthetic purposes, the laptop lid now has a slight curved shape. The machine also feels incredibly smooth and light, making it easier for users to slip it into their backpack.

On the sides, we could see a HDMI out port, media card reader and at least a couple of USB 3.0 ports. We heard that MSI planned to release a 3K laptop powered by an Intel processor and Nvidia discrete GPU.

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