Apple launched a slew of new devices and the OS X Mavericks this fall. With such a busy season, it would be likely for the company to inadvertently let a few bugs slip through its quality control department. Owners of the new MacBooks have reported that sounds on their machines are muted when their machines wake from sleep.

Threads begin to crop up on various forums with MacBook owners complaining that their machines suddenly went silent after waking up from sleep. Backgrounds processes also tend to gobble up processor resources after the machines resume from sleep. Upon closer look, the system logs contain report on issues with the AppleHDAController.

The glitch only affects users with Haswell-powered MacBook models, including the new Retina MacBook Pro models and the latest MacBook Air. It’s rather unfortunate that there’s no easy, temporary fix for everyone just yet. However, some users reported that they were able to restore the sound after they restart the machine or inserting/removing the headphone a few times. Others recommend affected users to reset the PRAM, but they could risk wiping the laptop if done improperly.

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