OS X Mavericks Could Boost Battery Life on MacBook Laptops

Those who have been using the beta versions of OS X Mavericks since the WWDC event in June, would already be aware that the new platform does a complete miracle in improving battery life. Not only new MacBook models are equipped with power-sipping Haswell processor, the Mavericks also offers a number of nice improvements. According to analysts, the new software version could deliver up to 30 percent of improvements in battery life.

They experimented with the MacBook Air and the older MacBook Pro, as well as OS X Mavericks and OS X Mountain Lion. They used test scripts that simulated common tasks such as opening website with Adobe Flash animation. They found that on the older MacBook Pro model, users would be able to gain nearly one hour of additional battery life. On the MacBook Air, the improvement is somewhat extraordinary – 12.07 hours with the Mountain Lion and 15.68 hours with the Mavericks.

Apple applies significant battery life optimization with the Safari web browser. As an example, it pauses any auto-playing video on webpages and shows users only the first frame. The browser also allocates hardware resources only for active tabs.

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